Thursday, 25 February 2010

Save Bita from an honour killing

The ever busy IKWRO (the force behind International Coalition Against Honour Killings) has yet another important fight on their hands.
Our help is needed for Bita Ghaedi, who has been on hunger strike for 22 days now since being refused asylum by the UK Government and told she would be deported.
Since Bita’s arrival in London, she has been imprisoned at Holloway prison and twice detained at the infamous Yarl's Wood. More on that at
IKWRO (see for more) believes Bita faces a severe risk of falling victim to an 'honour' killing if returned to Iran. She’s from a very traditional family in an area where 'honour' killings are common and the killers unlikely to face any serious repercussions.
Do the right thing and also give a UK politician a chance to be human for once.
Go to where you’ll find a petition stating:
We, the undersigned ask the UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband to personally intervene to ensure Bita Ghaedi is NOT forced to return to Iran, where it is certain she would be arrested and in physical danger under the current regime.
It’ll take you less than a minute, and could save a life.

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