Sunday, 14 March 2010

Essential reading

My favourite monthly online reading is now up on the net.
Gay & Lesbian Humanist is published by the Pink Triangle Trust, previously in print form but these days as an e-mag. I dutifully plod through other humanist/atheist publications to check I haven’t missed anything vital, but this and The Freethinker are the ones I actually look to for relevant information - and sheer enjoyment.
This month, while mainstream media meekly kiss the Papal Ring, G&LH reports that:
“The man who has colluded in protecting priests who have abused children, who has been responsible for the deaths of many in Africa and elsewhere who might have benefited from the use of condoms to stave off disease, who has probably contributed to the suicides of many gay people and who wants to dictate to the UK how it should frame its equality laws is to be a guest of honour in the United Kingdom this coming autumn.”
Elsewhere Michael Campbell of Young Freethought explains why he set the site up, and how the hardbitten cynics of militant atheism (no really, the Torygraph, Times and many a bishop say it, so it must be true) got behind a much needed resource for young non-believers.
There’s also coverage of another vital youth issue, homophobia in schools, in a piece on FIT, a film being sent to all UK schools. Sadly, I doubt that includes Manx schools, where pupils still have to tackle the institutional homophobia of the Manx Educational Department rather than relying on their elders to stamp out a prejudice.
Maybe Manx kids could just hook up with another contributor, Arsham Parsi of Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees: after all, both countries are run by profusely whiskered throwbacks with imaginary friends..
Lots more good stuff there too, so go to for inspiration to kick against the pricks.

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