Saturday, 10 April 2010

Childcare handbook, fit only for morons and spookchasers

More depressing news of the Manx Kinderstasi posted last night at and .
Note in particular that:
"The Parenting Network is an interagency group made up from representatives from the Department of Education, Social Services, CAHMS, Alcohol Advisory Service, Health Service, The Children’s Centre, Mother’s Union and Care for the Family."
That’s probably all we need to know to be worried.
Fundamentalist nutjobs, Anglican busybodies who haven’t been near a child since the Blitz, Social Services where nobody except a couple of £100K parasites actually work directly for the government, a Department of Education which hasn’t been politically overseen by a graduate in a decade, ‘charities’ which create moral panics and pass off small town chunterings as ‘research’ to justify more public subsidy…….what more do you need to know this mob aren’t fit for purpose?
Along with a Childrens Bill which introduces high-handed police and legal tactics not seen since the Diplock Courts (Northern Irish court procedures during the Troubles - so extreme even apartheid-era South Africans looked on with envy - involving prosecutions without juries made on the basis of allegations by individuals who could not be identified or cross-examined) all decent Manx parents and their children are under attack from the State.
We are being told how to bring up our kids by dangerously deluded, superstitious numpties who no sane parent would even allow into the same room as a child. They keep tabs on our kids from birth, tittle-tattle amongst themselves in private, keeping their cretinous allegations in records we have no right to see but which can be used to put our kids in care, where they would have even less rights than they did before the State’s previous screw-ups led to a double murder in a secure unit run by faith-biased incompetents…..
Just how much more will it take before Manx parents tell these plonkers, very, very forcefully, just where to get off?

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