Saturday, 18 September 2010

Attack of the blue-rinse conspiracy theorists

Watch out everyone. Gay communist satanists are coming for our kids, and the worldwide conspiracy of Jewish freemason advertisers are organising it all.
Oh yawn!
Yes, there’s more sensationalist twaddle from the Deluded Herd on the IOM Newspapers website (see ). This time it’s the Mothers Union on about the ‘commercialisation of childhood’.
Oh crikey, what a shock, and how on the ball. Moral crusaders have wittered in an ill-informed way about this ever since reading failed PR guru Vance Packard’s The Hidden Persuaders in the 1950’s – and probably well before if we could be bothered to look.
What next in this return to Victorian Valium? Perhaps a Manx Rechabite Lodge revival, or the return of the League of Decency?
This report is equally clueless; in fact it should probably itself be reported to the ASA as misleading and offensive advertising. If you can be bothered to trawl through a bag of over-emotional excrement for yourself you can find it at . What you won’t find (you’ll notice at once) is convincing evidence, sources, or even a clue as to how the information was gathered, who from, what methodology used to ensure fairness or accuracy…. and so on and so on.
In short, a complete fabrication, based in part on paranoid conspiracy theory and in part on some zombie worshipping dimwit’s cunning plan to scare us back to church. As ever, it’s a snapshot of just how far out of touch these herberts are, and how desperate they are to spread any sort of wild rumour that might panic us into paying attention to them.
The funniest thing for those who like to watch the local antics of the ‘DH’ is that these blue-rinse bozos are actually the radical wing of the clown show. I kid thee not.
In the early years of the 21st century even the MU had to operate like the Militant Tendency – secretive gatherings of Tory matrons sworn to bring about change to the Diocese from inside. It wasn’t until Graeme ‘the invisible bishop’ Knowles arrived that they could even get a senior cleric to officially attend their shindigs.
How sad is that?


Geoff Coupe said...

Well, to be fair, the report does list its sources, but of course these are the titles only; checking the facts is an exercise left for the reader.

And the tables of the parents poll commissioned by the MU from ComRes can be found here:

Stuart H. said...

Fair enough Geoff, though on opinion polls it's my experience that if you ask the right questions you'll always get the right answers - if you see what I mean. You also have to ask who'd be willing or available to take part, and does that weight the findings.
There have been some classic cases of that with our 'Freedom to Fester' initiative here, where insiders tell me the PR team hoping for contracts decided on three 'Celtic stereotypes' others around the world have of us and we have of ourselves it would be useful to create in order to market campaigns they'd already decided on, then set about creating polls and surveys for government consumption which would (unremarkably) 'discover' the aforementioned stereotypes and validate their plans to take huge amounts of loot to flog myths back to the folk who were paying for the PR campaigns in the first place.
On a brighter note Geoff - as the proud winners of an honourable mention in Ramsey in Bloom my family are jealous of your garden!

Geoff Coupe said...

Yup, the art of asking the right questions in order to get the results you want has a long and sordid history. You're of course right in that.

Re the garden - all credit goes to Martin. I just mow the lawns and occasionally do a bit of weeding...