Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nepotism, Jesus and Chips

When it finally became legal to register a Civil Partnership over here I posted (see Game Over for Manx Christian Homophobes) on the hypocritical behaviour of churches and faith-based pseudo-charities. Having blocked progress by every petty-minded, vindictive method open to them (and having so many government friends, they also had many chances to do so), one such outfit then tried to jump on the Bill as a handy method to advertise minimal toe-dipping into 21st century waters.
As I remarked at the time, these chancers are so dim they think just dropping the words ‘Church’ or ‘Christian’ from their working titles will fool the Manx public. Anyone who ever had dealings with such noddies knows better.
But they still peddle the myth that government outsourced social services are not under the thumb of spook-fancying ignoramuses, and that careers with the same do not depend on the approval of blokes who wear their collars backwards.
Oh, really?
Take a look at .
Maybe you can work out why a theologian is such an obvious choice to get the community handing over their spare change to one of the island’s worst obstacles to family life, and an absolute health hazard for all kids and responsible parents.
Maybe it was not straightforward nepotism, which would be a nice change for a governmental or quasi-governmental post. Perhaps she just had a helpful reference from a former employer, Frank Cranmer (see ), whose name may be familiar to anyone who browses religious right blogs for a good laugh.
Funnily enough, Central Lobby Consultants probably would not be flavour of the month with local nanny staters either - at least if they were vaguely acquainted with the real world and capable of some basic research. SpinWatch, the outfit that keeps a jaundiced eye on dodgy PR firms, has a basic item on CLC at , which is part of their Foodspin project (see ) on front organisations for the junk-food industry.
Religion, well placed family help and junk-food. That's quite a lethal combination.

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