Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sermonising to the deluded is not 'keynote', 'public' or 'talk'

I’ve already posted once (see The Die-in-Hell option )
to note that this (see is utter twaddle, but still the lies spew forth. Both from elected and unelected political figures who want this island to remain a place where superstitious peasants are frightened into compliance with a few ridiculous ghost stories while witchdoctors steal from the dying.
This is not a ‘keynote public talk’ and has nothing to do with either care for the dying or concern for human life. This is just another pathetic prayer meeting where people with closed minds can have their prejudices confirmed.
If you really care about the ‘right to life’, look at and sign up. It is a petition to the Saudi royals asking them to ensure a Saudi journalist is not killed for ‘blasphemy’. The very real threat to his life caused him to flee the country after the contents of a jokey Tweet reached hardcore Islamists. Even worse, Interpol actually aided his deportation from Malaysia (another country where ‘traditional’ Islam has great and undemocratic influence, in reality underwritten by overseas income generated by Malaysian investment in the entertainment industry) back to Saudi Arabia, where a kangaroo court to please Wahabi flat-earthers seems a foregone conclusion unless international opinion prevents it.
Ironically, for decades old school Manx financiers with right-to-life views saw no contradiction between their apparent Sunday concern for the sanctity of human life and their weekday business helping Middle Eastern despots hide overseas profiteering from some distinctly un-Islamic shenanigans. Thankfully, most are now too senile (or otherwise sidelined from contemporary business life) to do much more than help homegrown religious cranks with misleadingly labelled ‘charitable and ‘non-profit’ empire building. The tragic results are fit only for display in an offshore finance version of Cregneash Farm (a Manx agricultural museum), but the unfunny thing is that the Manx Government seems perfectly happy not only for the taxpayer to subsidise such museum pieces but to pass them off as cutting edge ‘social services’.

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