Saturday, 10 March 2012

Help confine Westminster effluent to the sewers

You may want to sign up to a petition asking 17 Westminster MPs not to accept interns from CARE, a notorious faith-based 'educational charity' whose activities include sponsoring aversion therapy for gays, 'advising' civil registrars on how to avoid conducting civil partnership ceremonies and many other acts of spiteful petty ignorance.
CARE uses the Westminster internship program as a means of encouraging future politicians and civil servants towards their rather nasty view of humanity. In addition to spawning a new generation of career bigots, one Westminster lobbyist from a somewhat saner pressure group told me, they have open access to the most loathsome Tory big names, in return for providing them with the ‘research’ which tries to qualify their sickest policies.
CARE's best known Manx acolyte is David Anderson. Even sadder, when a few years back they were pitching some absolutely skin-crawling ideas to their Westminster allies one intern running around the corridors of power over there was his daughter.
On the Isle of Man CARE does note operate so openly, though their pig-ignorant tone runs through Tynwald disgraces ranging from a failed attempt to retain Section 38 of the Sexual Offences Act (prohibiting Manx schoolkids from learning that homosexuality is actually quite normal, not a disease or criminal subculture) through to current attempts to foist pro-life extremism on the terminally ill rather than offering choice and dignity (never mind actually listening to the poor sods). A few years back they did offer a rather odd ‘workshop’ to help local fundamentalists brand their businesses and pseudo-charities with ‘a Christian ethos’, but most of the fee-earning work is franchised to one of their puppet ‘charities’, Care For The Family, whose only open link to CARE is a trustee they share in common.
Do I need to explain any more?
For anyone interested in confining effluent to the Westminster sewers, rather than the Lower and Upper Houses, the petition is at .

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