Sunday, 8 April 2012

Glum Dummies and Fun Bunnies

Ah, Easter – second biggest opportunity of the year for the Christo-numpties to make prize prats of themselves. And this year’s crop of howlers is dumb as ever.
Up early yesterday, I turned on the BBC news channel –to be honest mainly to find out if religious extremists or UK-government-underwritten Middle Eastern despots had carried out any more massacres while I was asleep – but was surprised to see the BBC World Service giving undue coverage to this drivel (see Not only that but they reported it exactly as scripted by the head of UK Catholic church PR (a part-time BBC producer who, when one of my uni tutors some years ago, offered me and other budding journos a guaranteed first in return for services to the church), without bothering to check the facts (there are none anyway) or to balance it with any point of view from a rational adult.
This blatant BBC partisan crap is quite interesting. In a 1991 conference organised by an outfit called Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom I heard Roger Bolton (then a determinedly independent and outspoken TV producer) admit that the BBC World Service – unlike the BBC in general – was not editorially independent, and that not only did the security services vet all potential employees but that the BBC actually provided offices for security service handlers whose sole function was to ‘advise’ the employees they had hand-picked and to wield the red pencil on scripts which crossed the guidelines.
I wonder if, with nothing else to occupy their tiny brains, the conspiracy nuts who run the 21st century Beeb have hooked up with Opus Dei instead? I cannot for the life of me imagine any other reason why a BBC presenter would allow the ridiculous Andrea Minichello Williams (of the Christian Legal Centre) to chunter on unchecked until her mouth was about to froth and her head to spin round.
Should one complain to the BBC? Possibly not worth the bother – although having our licence fees used to promote such tosh is very annoying. For one thing, watching a CLC nut’s eyes swivel and trying to guess what medication she is on is good entertainment. For another, every time that ridiculous, lying flat-earther O’Brien opens his bigoted mouth in public more Catholics of good conscience turn their backs for ever on a church which does not deserve to survive. We could give it until about Christmas at this rate and the twit will be talking to himself while his fellow priests scour the cathedral miserably, wondering where all the pretty choirboys have gone.
And then today it was Dumbledore’s turn (see
I loved this bit:
“Dr Williams said a hostility towards faith and religion in public life may have been tempered by a recent appreciation of the social value of religion.
But he said the ultimate test of Christianity was not whether it was beneficial to the human race, but whether the resurrection of Jesus Christ actually happened.
He said that for Christians a vision of reconciled love between people "is there only because God raised Jesus" and that the answer was not in scientific proof, but by the way believers lived with and in their faith.”
Which explains why nobody takes them seriously, because the leading examples are all such money-grubbing, hypocritical careerist throwbacks.
Actually, compulsory religious nonsense in schools may serve some educational purpose. Only a few weeks ago, while watching imbeciles three or four times her age gabble their way through the Lord’s Prayer in assembly, my daughter discovered that not only do deluded people talk in their sleep, but that they do it in unison and most of them get the words wrong. This is the sort of valuable stuff I pay taxes for the Education Department to demonstrate empirically.
I suppose it will be at least tomorrow before the chumps who laughingly describe themselves as ‘the Manx media’ update us on the local sermons. Even with the Radio Cowshed (Manx Radio) news desk taking Sunday off and leaving ‘news’ to whatever the religious programmer drags in, the airwaves are refreshingly short of pontificating loons in fancy dress.
There won’t even be pictures from Peel Passion Play this year because Living Hell are hiding indoors - or perhaps just driving around sink estates in unmarked vans trying to kidnap any innocent who has not seen through their act yet. I have a sneaky suspicion that, after last year’s fiasco, even they worked out what a dumb idea it is to hold a mock crucifixion of people known to have helped a notorious 1990’s child abuser cover his tracks. For one thing, when the pictures appear in the local paper, diligent parents will show them to small kids and warn them “If you are ever in a public place and these guys appear, run, and don’t stop running until you find a police officer to bring you home.”
But enough of this - a chocolate bunny beckons.

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