Saturday, 23 February 2013

Humanist evolution

A couple of weeks ago the folk who encouraged me to get into this blogging lark closed their site. I meant to praise and wish them well for the future at the time, but things got in the way, so I will do it now.
The PTT Blog (see right of page) started a few months before me, and their feisty and … slightly less Marks & Sparks shall we say... attitude to humanism inspired me to have a go too. They had, as we used to say, an attitude, one shared by some of their allies.
They were saying things other humanists weren’t, and that needed saying. They were doing it in a way that was less…well…reverential, less London media village, and oddly enough with a whiff of something I haven’t seen since old school punk fanzines, so I thought I should join in.
So I did, and I was never prouder in the early days than when they noticed, gave me a plug and even offered help if I got stuck with some techno wizzbang thingy or other.
They have now decided to call it a day, and throw their efforts behind the new Pink Triangle Trust website and The Pink Humanist, online magazine of the same organisation ,which is all excellent, and being overseen by the equally energetic and uncompromising Barry Duke (also editor of The Freethinker).
This is all good. This is humanism evolving as it should. So you should check it out (see new link to right), and maybe even play a part in it.

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