Saturday, 24 August 2013


Those reading the previous item will think "Wasn't that posted a while ago and now re-jigged?
The short answer is "Yes."
I've been having problems posting for a week or two. The formatting only worked as a sort of extended paragraph that doesn't pick up links and won't allow you to write in anything resembling plain English.
After asking around I find that Google, who run Blogspot - this blogging platform - have been changing settings in an attempt to get punters to upgrade to newer, costlier products which (frankly) are of no use to simple souls like me.
Found a cheap fix, so back to business for now, with  apologies and some personal regrets for not being able to post funny stuff which was briefly interesting but would no longer be relevant.
I'm now looking at moving to another blogging platform in case the problems continue. More on that if or when it happens.

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