Thursday, 1 October 2009

Unwanted, unloved, and an unbelievable waste of public funds

My old mate George Broadhead, Manx born secretary of the Pink Triangle Trust, is not happy about the visit of a certain homophobic boy nazi to the UK next year, especially as it’s at public expense.
In a PTT press release a few days ago he said:
“This pope has shown himself to be paranoid about homosexuality. His opposition to LGBT rights knows no bounds. In his Christmas message last year he declared that saving humanity from homosexual behaviour was as important as saving the rainforest from destruction. This must be the most outrageous and bizarre claim yet made by someone who has already got a well-deserved reputation as one of the most viciously homophobic world leaders on a par with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
“The Vatican reinforced its anti-gay reputation by strongly opposing a UN declaration calling for an end to discrimination against gays and the Pope’s Christmas message provided clear evidence of an obsession about homosexuality which is tantamount to paranoia.

“It is imperative that the strongest possible protest be made when he visits the UK next year. This is not without precedent. During the last papal visit to the UK by John Paul II in 1982, a protest called POPE (People Opposing Papal Edicts) was instigated by the Gay Humanist Group of which I was a founder member.
“It had the support of other gay and secular organisations, including the Campaign for Homosexual Equality and the National Secular Society. On the occasion of the next papal visit, we must pull out all the stops to demonstrate our opposition.”
And no sooner had Gorgeous George planted that thought in a few minds than the fun began. For example, another PTT member has a freeedom of information request in to the Home Office for a breakdown of the likely costs, including accommodation for Ratzo and his entourage, public functions, other entertainment, policing and other security, publicity, transport, diversions, etc.
Now there’s a petition up on the Number Ten website too (see
The thinking is, if Geert Wilders isn’t fit to enter the UK and speak to a group of mature politicos, why isn’t a humanity-hating, bare-faced lying scrote with previous as long as your arm on the ‘banned’ list too?
Go on, sign up.
We saw off Hitler. Why go soft on his disciples?

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Richard T said...

Presumably the way through this is to mount a campaign that no public money is spent on the visit of this elderly bigot. The onus would then be on the catholic church to pay for the lot, including policing. Less church money to cover up the protection of child molesters. Mind with the press of fools coming to venerate the bones of an obscure catholic frenchwoman, I'm not sanguine about the success of any campaign in election year.