Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Let them eat lard

You’ve got to admire some folks for their optimism.
According to Energy FM (see http://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_78260.html) a plant with appetite-suppressing qualities was recently seized by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, with Customs and Excise and the Police.
Apparently the African Hoodia plant is an endangered species, but interest is rising in the diet racket because it suppresses hunger.
But once I’d got my breath back from laughing at the idea of three Manx government agencies having to gang up to arrest a weed, I was off again.
OK, this tat is just the kind of garbage that catches on amongst the rich dimwits who prop up the local ‘alternative therapy’ industry, but it’s still a limited market.
Because you can forget the rinkety-tory myths dreamt up by Manx Heritage, this is an island where lard, and lard-arses, rule supreme and the nearest thing the Manx have to a national dish is chips with cheese and gravy.

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Andy Armitage said...

Perhaps the best appetite suppressant is fish and chips with lard and chocolate and cream and gravy. However, if I found that an otherwise harmless herb (assuming it is otherwise harmless, suppressed my appetite and enabled me to eat less, I wouldn't grumble. I can see concerns if this is an endangered species, but you never know who's pulling the strings, and the diet industry is part of the huge food industry, which is a powerful force in the world. Do we know it's endangered? Could it be that big business simply doesen't want people to go for alternatives, because, hey, we'll use that weed to have as the active ingredient in something we'll mash together in our laboratories and charge you the earth for? I'm highly suspicious of all government activity – which means, I'm afraid, that I believe we should be suspicious of the stuff that turns out to be for our genuine benefit, too. Bring on the weed, I say – in its natural form. How nice to suppress your appetite in a controlled way, eating just what you need, not what you desire!