Saturday, 16 January 2010

More Romanian nonsense

I had an ironic groan at the latest update on the adventures of our feckless firefighters in Romania (see
While I only groaned, my friends and relatives over there fell about laughing at the very idea that a bunch of Manx village idiots are helping anyone. I’m also as sure as ever that Port St Mary's Living Hell Church and their parent church’s plan for world domination have nothing to do with all this dumping of scrap firefighting equipment (sorry – ‘philanthropy’).
I’ve covered this issue before ( see Chief Minister, international joke and Of spooks and spookchasers) so won’t repeat myself. But do go to for more on Baptist pseudo-education as part of a US faith-led political destabilisation of the area.
The only thing to add is that I’ve now established that the ethnic-Hungarian nazis weren’t part of Hungary's leading fascist nutjobs, Jobbik, who have been getting chummy with the BNP. If you can believe it, they may be even nastier.
An outfit called the Szekler Legion have been swelling their bank account by hiring members out as cut price security guards, with large companies as the eventual clients via intermediaries. You can get the general idea at
Our ‘foreign aid’ merchants do not have a clue what they are helping to stir up. If I thought some of the godbotherers provoking such nonsense had consciences I’d suggest they started searching them, but is it worth it? Manx evangelicals proved long ago they have about as much moral integrity as the East European fascist groups they are helping to bring back from the dead.

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