Friday, 19 February 2010

Dangerous, deluded, and coming for our kids

I was too busy last week to pose a child protection warning up here, after I noticed something worrrying on the government website about some imbeciles called Northern MAT.
“Established by the Isle of Man Government last year to bring about closer co-operation between agencies working with children and families, the Northern MAT meets in Ramsey once a fortnight.”
And from we also learn that:
“The Northern MAT’s 11 members represent various groups in the north, including social services, police, health, primary and secondary schools, the prison, local authorities and charity/voluntary organisations.”
Oh dear. I think we can guess which ‘charity/voluntary organisations’, and hope we could agree that village idiots capable of believing six impossible things before breakfast are not what we want around children. The fact that, due to that charming Manx mix of incest, racism and superstition, such loons also get first consideration for posts with the government agencies involved doesn’t really help matters either.
Northern MAT’s lynchpin, Tracy Power, helpfully explains that:
‘We aim to provide services and support to people before things go wrong for individual children or families, based around the five outcomes determined by Government that should be attained by all children – staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, prospering and making a positive contribution.’
Yes Tracy, but the last time the Manx government tried to do that two kids in a government care home got murdered due to the negligence of the fundie freaks given the contract to run it. So you’ll excuse me if I don’t exactly whoop with joy now you’re coming after everybody’s kids, not just the ones most obviously damaged by local Christo-fascism.
And this week things got worse when the buffoons at Northern MAT tried to give us advice that watching too much TV is bad for kids.
They posted , which has a link to . Even by the usual standards of the fairy-fanciers and aromatherapists now ‘advising’ on child care this has to be the most cretinous piece of junk science I’ve seen published yet with Manx government funds.
For the record, the last academic attempt to show a link between kids, TV and anti-social behaviour was in the 1970’s and so full of holes that it became a byword for sloppy research. It was discredited entirely when, on top of everything else, it became obvious the evidence was also falsified.
From time to time it still appears, uncredited, in the likes of fundie Christian parental literature. This is because it is the only scrap of ‘research’ such spookchasing throwbacks can muster to pamper their delusions, but to the civilised world it’s on the level of nutters who used to tell us that playing heavy metal records backward revealed secret messages from Satan.
Knowing that Manx government departments are still using bilge like this to formulate policy means all reasonably serious parents need to be further on their guard.
Manx child protection services have always been a haven for idiots, superstitious halfwits and the generally deluded. On the evidence of this........(holds head in hands and groans).........
I know it's harmless, I know I shouldn't give it a second thought, but somehow the antics of these chapel-going simpletons just get to me!

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