Saturday, 27 March 2010

Beardie bampot caught with pants on fire - again

Stephen Green, National Director (and some say only real member) of Christian Voice continues to claim that he and fellow fundie crackpots made Classic FM drop an advertising promotion for Eric Idle’s Not the Messiah film (see 'Idle vice' from last week for explanation).
This even after the station’s MD painstakingly put the record straight following Green’s boasts earlier this week.
Just last night the Birdshit (that’s a reference to a 'divine judgement’ delivered on TV by a seagull at one of his protests, by the way) sent his supporters an e-mail claiming:

”As you will already know if you emailed Darren Henley, the Managing Director of Classic FM, they quickly dropped the blasphemous 'Not the Messiah'. If you emailed or phoned or wrote, well done for standing up for righteousness.
There was apparently a storm of protest, and the result is a triumph for prayer and action, in which we give God all the glory.
The atheists, of course, are furious. After crowing over the weekend that Classic FM would take no notice of us, now they are moaning that Britain's leading classical music station gave in to us Christians.
Darren Henley is putting a brave face on it, of course, but the reality is, all and everything to do with Not the Messiah was expunged from their website within two hours of the office opening on Monday. Just to be clear, none of the false rumours which Mr Henley speaks of in his email to those who complained originated with us. And to give credit where it is due, he is right that in the run-up to Christmas, the station is a joy to listen to with Christian music dominating the output.
PRAY: Thank God for bringing this matter to the light and for this crucial victory.
The film of Not the Messiah was shown in cinemas last night. PRAY that the turnout was poor.”

Now why would these bampots need to pray? Surely, if their campaign was so devastating, there would be no audience anyway.
Certainly, Green’s boasts got a rise out of some in the secular humanist community - as it might, knowing Green’s previous success in stopping funds to a Scottish cancer charity that ‘offended’ him.
For example, the British Humanist Association put out a press release regretting Classic FM’s apparent cave-in to fundie bullying, and the station certainly took a stack of e-mails from outraged atheists who thought the same.
This caused Darren Henley, MD at Classic FM, to set the record straight in an e-mail by reply in which he said:

“Following an email campaign, a number of incorrect views about Classic FM’s involvement in this event appear to have gathered momentum in the online community and I hope that you will allow me to take this opportunity to correct them:
1. Classic FM broadcast an advertising campaign for this event which ran from last Wednesday until last weekend. The station also ran a competition to win tickets to the event on the station’s website which also ended last weekend. No further advertising activity was booked to run either on-air or online after the weekend.
2. At no point did Classic FM ever intend to broadcast this event on air, nor did it ever enter into any negotiations to broadcast the event on air, so any assertion that any programme content has been withdrawn from broadcast is simply incorrect.
3. Classic FM has never been a financial supporter of this event and nor was it ever the promoter of the live event – and that relationship has in no way changed over the past week.”

Now, who do you believe, Green or Henley?
And to end on a positive note, doesn’t this also prove that, whenever Green and his ilk try to stop us giggling at the more lame-brained aspects of ‘belief’, we can not only stop him, but enjoy doing so?

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Andy Armitage said...

"The film of Not the Messiah was shown in cinemas last night. PRAY that the turnout was poor.”

Wow! Green thinks his god can do things retrospectively. Pray that it was poor? Well, by this time, since he's writing in the past tense, it either was or it waasn't.

Your "birdshit" reference relates to an amusing incident, and the video of this divine message that came in the shape of a blob of seagul or pigeon poo can be seen on our blog.