Tuesday, 14 February 2012

More rantings from the madhouses

According to this (see http://www.isleofman.com/News/local/article.aspx?article=43483 ) the ringmaster at a notorious Manx freak show has confirmed the exhibits will continue talking to the fairies before the daily performance starts for real, the dogs jump through the hoops and the chimps throw excreta at each other.
So, no news there then.
Seems he was questioned after a well researched and executed campaign by the National Secular Society stopped the compulsory prayers which kick off council proceedings in England’s most deluded backwaters, which in turn has caused the most under-employed and ill-informed sections of the superstition industry to worry they might get culled.
How can you kill something if it is already brain dead?
The whole point of the ruling is that, as before, those who choose to can pray, but prayer cannot be a compulsory item on the council agenda. But the inability of Lords Spiritual to understand something which my 10 year old daughter grasped in seconds when she asked about it today is more evidence that they are unfit to be part of any serious political assembly. Not that the House of Lords could be described as a serious political assembly.
And talking of political assemblies which lack gravitas…
I have even less faith in Manx politicians than most of them have in the Imaginary Magical Friend they ask for help before another day spent trying to shaft the island.
But, thankfully, neither politicians nor civil servants have ever run the island anyway. Their task is merely to distract straw-sucking peasants by looking as dignified as anyone can while passing wind dressed in a bad suit. Meanwhile, those who actually make the decisions which determine whether or not we stay fed and housed for the foreseeable future do so, safe in the knowledge that they will not be chased by a pitchfork-wielding mob who would view the ability to use a calculator as evidence of witchcraft.

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