Saturday, 10 January 2009

Jesus saves, Africans just die

Another planted story about ‘caring’ spookchasers (see has me fuming at both the sheer audacity of these shysters and the absence of background checks before Manx overseas aid money is doled out.
The danger signs are there even before checking further. When did anyone at Broadway Baptists help another human unless there’s a kickback?
The first obvious question was ‘who the hell are Childcare Kitgum Servants’?
A fast answer to that, and to how they work, can be found at In brief, it’s an Australian evangelical outfit, which immediately raises the question of why they bother forming a subsidiary Manx charity.
I suspect the answer to that is the same one as the use of Manx charitable status by several US evangelical networks. Bargain basement alternative to proper Manx offshore status, with no searchable public records and a weak regulatory regime which files documents but does not check or monitor charities.
This allows money to be bounced around the world from one sister charity to another as ‘donations’. They will eventually reach the US bank account of an evangelical church, usually in tranches of under $10,000 to avoid triggering obligatory reports to the FBI and IRS, and always entering the US in another currency and then being converted into dollars to avoid new Patriot Act checks which can be made anywhere in the world if the suspicious transaction is in US dollars.
But it gets worse. Via an e-mail list I subscribe to I discovered, which really puts stuff in perspective. Rick Warren, the homophobic twat due to cast spells at the Obama inauguration, and a mad Ugandan pastor linked to the Bush regime’s massive sponsorship of faith-biased pseudo ‘AIDS prevention’ schemes. A disaster which makes the problem worse and allows western evangelicals to rob Africans of their overseas aid then ship the proceeds home again to build megachurches.
Then again, we should not forget the UK contribution to a scam which is sicker than graverobbing. The infamous ALPHA cult is also busy in Uganda. Their head honcho, Sandy Millar, (who famously told homophobic US Episcopalians that "your steadfastness in the face of a new and speciously sophisticated manifestation of evil has won you many admirers all over the world" ) started cuddling up to Archbishop Henry Orombi over there and was rewarded by being made a bishop of the Ugandan Church with a special mission to London.
Excuse my language, but Christ on a bike! These pondlife must be shovelling up cash by the bucketful while Africans die, and now the Isle of Man is helping them.
It really is time for vigorous public debate on both the abuse of Manx charitable status and the vacuous system by which our overseas aid budget is being hijacked.

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