Friday, 24 April 2009

Quack Christian 'therapy' causing Ugandan bloodbath

I’ve blogged a couple of times on the effects of Bush’s brand of ‘overseas aid’ to Uganda, and on the way a fine African example of the fight against HIV/AIDS has been reduced to a disaster zone run by Christian bigots – some homegrown, but many just Western parasites following the cash.
The most recent disgrace was a conference led by bogus ‘therapists’ and Holocaust revisionists, not unlike the one organised in London today and tomorrow by Anglican Mainstream and similar lunatics who push the ‘gays can be cured’ lie. See for more.
We really do need to stop this nonsense in its tracks, and distance ourselves from any efforts to export it, be it under the guise of ‘therapy’, ‘medical aid’ or whatever other thin excuse. To see why, read about the way the ‘Exodus International’ event in Uganda has been followed by vigilante campaigns against gays led by major politicians, clergy and mainstream media at
I’ve said it before, and I am going to say it again and again. Don’t just drop your money in the tin, check out the charity – properly. Ask more questions -lots of them. And if you cannot get straight answers, do not risk giving money which could set off a bloodbath instead of improving a life.

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Baal's Bum said...

I am sceptical of the reasons behind this form of "Aid" They always seem to have some big religious based charity that takes more from "donations" for running costs and salaries than gets to the needy. As you rightly point out the consequences often are more pain suffering and death rather than the peace and love that the pretend they offer. Mind you, the more film footage of pain and suffering, the more peoples heart strings get tugged and the more likely they will donate more.