Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Right Virus - immunity is possible

I doubt I’m the only parent irritated by teachers infected by what William Burroughs termed ‘the right virus’. I have to believe susceptability to this virus is a freak of nature, as no-one gets this dumb even by Manx education and if it was just pure malice I’d have to seriously worry about it.
It doesn’t matter how many times you politely explain to them that you don’t want your child involved in religious activity and would prefer she decides for herself when she is older.
They first say, even in one of the island’s larger primary schools, that it isn’t ‘convenient’ for her to sit out sessions led by dangerous and deluded freaks with open access to local schools.
Then they promise not to preach, and to allow her to sit quietly, not to join in prayers and so on, only to try and brainwash her anyway if we’re not physically there to check on the basis that, being religious, they know better.
I really wonder how such self-delusion sticks, especially as even at six my daughter was sometimes correcting their sloppy spelling in class.
Thankfully, she's demonstrating that even guided by a ‘Religious Education Advisory Committee’ formed only of apologists from the four largest churchs and chaired by one chosen by a religious leader in another country (not Iran, but it might as well be), they’re wasting their time.
This week she cracked me up again by asking if it was wrong to just sleep until a teacher finishes praying in assembly. As she so logically argued, all the little godbotherers around her are sleeping so why does she have to be the only one awake?

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