Friday, 10 July 2009

Blasphemy, blast for you, blast for everyone (no prejudice here)

Things are about to kick off in Ireland, where the Irish Parliament yesterday voted through a new blasphemy law….
I was going to say on a wing and a prayer, but in fact to do it they had to abandon the usual electronic voting system and demand a walk through vote. This gave time for a typically disorientated Green to stop giving Colombian trade unionists a guided tour of somewhere else entirely and another politico to stagger back from the dentist. Even then it only scraped through on the chairman’s casting vote.
Atheist Ireland (see sidebar for links) hold an AGM tomorrow at which a suitably all-encompassing blasphemous statement will be drafted and published to make a nonsense of the new law. Also see to read AE’s Michael Nugent charge in all guns blazing and get things nicely under way.
By the way, you’ve got to like a group which says:
“We are also launching a campaign encouraging people to read the Bible and other sacred books. Objectively reading the Bible is one of the strongest arguments for rejecting the idea of gods as intervening creators or moral guides.”
Check the Irish press if you can in coming days to see the fun, and when the statement does come, let’s see what we can do to spread it around the net and make total nonsense of a law which should not be on the books of any civilised country.

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