Monday, 20 July 2009

Third World status at last

Well, it’s official. The Isle of Man is now the most backward place in the British Isles.
Today the first civil partnership ceremony was held on the Isle of Lewis. Their local paper reported it here at
Remember, this is the Scottish island where sour-faced calvinism is so prominent that until a week ago they wouldn't run a ferry on Sundays in case it got hit by a thunderbolt.
We are now the last place in the British Isles which doesn’t provide facilities for a legal civil partnership ceremony. Because our politicians are so spineless and our civil servants so incompetent that they will not upset a few vociferous but vacuous lay preachers and sort it out.
All together now (and with no apologies to the authors of the original piece of schmaltz…..)

We are the Third World
We are a Freakshow
We are……

Oh forget it!
Could the last person onto the ferry please turn out the lights?

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