Sunday, 13 September 2009

Marking the UN International Day of Peace on IOM.

I’ve received the following message, which I’m happy to publicise as I have a lot of time for the sender, Carol Jempson.
Carol was chair of Isle of Man Freethinkers, but stepped down to concentrate on other things. For example, she’s tackling the embarrassing stink of Manx anti-Semitism by trying to educate locals about her own roots, which, in the process, will probably help newer cultures to integrate into Manx community with less folk myths or theo-fascist baggage.

The message is:

Peace in our community and our world.
For a moment, please consider a word… peace.
Or the absence of peace and what defines it. It is an absence of personal trauma. It is an absence of conflict. It is about creating an environment that is harmonious within us and within our communities.
On Saturday 19 September 2009, Carol Jempson and Pamela Birnie invite everyone in our amazing community to gather together to mark the United Nations International Day of Peace.
Join us anytime from 8pm for an overnight candlelit vigil around the war memorial on Harris Promenade, Douglas. You can join us for as long or as short a time as you would like. We even hope to have some singing!
Please bring a candle in a glass with you and, of course, wear warm clothes.
We have received wonderful support from our community protectors (Constabulary/Civil Defence/Fire & Rescue Service/Ambulance Service).
If you can’t make it to the vigil, remember that you can promote peace by:

· Developing your own inner peace: with your families, work colleagues, friends and community. Make a strong effort on Peace Day to compliment rather than criticise.

· Committing to a special project in your area that incorporates Peace Day values.

· Encouraging others to join you.

This is not a fundraising event, there will be no collections and no-one will be expected to make a donation.
Let each of us on the Isle of Man make the International Day of Peace a day to remember.
Spread the message of hope and strive for the best in mankind.

N.B. I should say that I removed one sentence with a link to a 'charity' website controlled by evangelical freeloaders.
While Carol may have decided that it is necessary to work with these parties in order to break down prejudice, on principle I will not publicise the pathetic efforts of bigots who, having created social division by their ridiculous prejudices, then seek public funds under the pretence of trying to ‘help’.
The ‘problem’, I would suggest, originated in their heads alone, and should have been solved there, not inflicted on others.

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