Thursday, 17 September 2009

Save the children from these freaks

There’s more evidence of both Anglicanism’s decline and the cosy relationship between church and state in this week’s Manx Independent.
An article (see announces that Sam Rothcell was recently commissioned as a youth worker at the Cathedral.
So far, so what, if he was just pestering kids whose parents drag them to church, but the disturbing news is he seems to have a licence for child abuse at the Peel primary and secondary schools.
Would members of other crazed cults be as welcome? If not, why this one?
Another unsettling revelation is that he’s already working with Scripture Union Ministries Trust, which is well under the thumb of the island’s most fundamentalist church (which is in turn run by a US megachurch). There he co-ordinates 15 other ‘youth workers’ who are allowed the free run of island schools.
Having bumped into a few of these, it staggers both me and work colleagues that people who seem to be borderline mental retards are allowed close to small, vulnerable kids. But that’s our wonderful education system for you.
St Thomas’s primary school, the island’s only Anglican school, is also being run by a fundamentalist, due to no Anglican teachers applying when the previous head teacher retired last year. This one attends a church where you’d need at least one screw loose to be a member, and to have absolutely no moral scruples to stay once you’re aware of some of the goings on.
All in all, not a happy situation.
There’s an obvious problem when folk who are little (if any) better than smack dealers are allowed into Manx schools.
But when a church which was, at least, once a benchmark for Christian decency is reduced to hiring help from the evangelical lunatic fringe to abuse kids…..!

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