Thursday, 3 June 2010

Careering blindly

Every year the Manx Education Department puts on a careers fair, meant to give kids some idea of the range of UK university courses on offer. I openly admit, I look for the press release very year, because alongside the legit colleges who come recruiting, there are always some barking mad ones.
Beats me that, not only are they let in, but that our kids actually get grants to go there. On the other hand, this is an Education Department which has only been overseen by one politician educated to graduate level in at least 30 years, to my certain knowledge.
So, is this year the exception? Well, go to and find the answer, which is ‘No!’
I just love the way they try to sneak in: “Other bodies attending include Theological Colleges and Christian Gap Year opportunities; Scripture Union Ministries Trust...”
Theological colleges? Last I heard even the biggest European ones are closing because parents no longer think being a child molester (sorry…....priest) is a proper job.
Christian gap year opportunities? Now honestly, if you were unlucky enough to be raised in a closed Christian environment, wouldn't Christianity actually be something you badly need to take at least a gap year (possibly even the rest of your life) escaping from?
And judging from any local example, the only way that Scripture Union Ministries Trust is a career opportunity is if Manx schools are still churning out kids too dumb to stack shelves at Tesco.
So what kind of reflection on Manx educational standards is that?

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