Monday, 28 June 2010

Military Intelligence? A contradiction in terms

Here’s a little Monday quiz.
Who said the following………

"In my business, asking people to risk their lives is part of the job, but doing so without giving them the chance to understand that there is a life after death is something of a betrayal...Qualities and core values are fine as an acceptable moral baseline for leadership, but the unique life, death, resurrection and promises of Christ provide that spiritual opportunity that I believe takes the privilege of leadership to another level."

Before I identify the pillock, also ask yourself if you would trust him to run a boy scout troop.
No? Thought not!
The speaker was General Sir Richard Dannatt, formerly Chief of General Staff for the UK Armed Forces. Seems he’s a bit of a godbotherer, as he proved last weekend while (thankfully) the only damage he was doing to humanity was boring the arse off local spookchasers at a prayer breakfast. He’s just the latest in a long line of losers, deadbeats and minor fraudsters to have received this less than prestigious insult. (see for more).
With a superstitious bampot like that running ‘our’ contribution to the cock-up in Afghanistan is it any wonder a few beardy wierdos armed with little more than knackered potato peelers can run rings round the world’s most expensive armies?
Lions led by donkeys doesn’t even begin to cover it – and, anyway, as my grandfather told me several times, the pack mules he worked with in World War One were far cannier than Army generals , so it would also be an insult to donkeys.
The good news is that at least he isn’t planning to move here, so won’t be joining other intellectually challenged ex-military buffoons running events like yesterday's that insult ex-servicemen.
But the really bad news is that one of Eton’s worst alumni is still rumoured to be finding a place for this chump in the Lords.
Yet another argument for abolishing the Second Chamber then.

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Geoff Coupe said...

Dick Dannatt is clearly the universe's counterbalance to Dan Dennett...