Friday, 13 August 2010

Dunbloggin, for now

After a few relentless months, even the laid back pace of the Isle of Man gets too much.
This blog is no longer achieving what I want it to, and I'm too bored, bemused or bewildered to do much about that right now.
So -off to somewhere warm to sit under a tree and do very little for a while.
Back in a week or two, hopefully able to record this madness some call Mannin with a little more wisdom, a little less world-weary pessimism and frustration, and a lot more wit.
See you later.


Andy Armitage said...

Enjoy the rest!

Bob Hutton said...


Stuart H. said...

Thanks Andy, I did!
To everyone else - pain to come back and have to clear away so much spam, but in case anyone wonders why I left 'Bob' - while I find his rantings baffling at least he's open about who he is and why he does it.
That I can respect, so, Bob, while not exactly welcome here, you or anyone else equally honest are free to state your views providing you don't try to stir up a violent jihad or something.