Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Subsidising the abusers

Yet more evidence of the insidious merging of public services into faith-based centres of excrement today. See http://www.gov.im/lib/news/education/allwelcomeatfami.xml - on the surface just another clumsy attempt to keep the music service going at the Department of Education and Institutional Child Abuse. But note the junior choir venue at the end of the press release.
I don’t get it.
On the one hand the absolute dregs of the local zombie-worshipping community whine because the Manx government won’t let them turn every school into a makeshift church (so that the parasites running the cults can pocket all the collection without having to maintain a church building). On the other, the DEC yet again pays to use church buildings which would otherwise be empty, and thus keeps them going with yet more quiet public subsidies.
We shouldn’t just object to yet more public money being given here to a homophobic organisation. We should object to something advertised as a public sector service being offered from a premises dedicated to perpetuating a misanthropic view of humanity.
We should also object to Manx education department premises being hired out to parasitical hate groups posing as religious organisations, while the same premises (thanks to the private prejudices of education department staff) are not available to groups who fight for human rights or to otherwise benefit humanity.
This isn’t public service. This is public subsidy of sexist, homophobic, neo-colonial, anti-democratic (and eventually anti-human) thinking.

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