Saturday, 7 May 2011

Another year, another damp squib

The Micturant Tendency of the local evangelical community have announced details of their annual August freakfest.
If you are a concerned parent or householder, see for the times and places to avoid.
Interesting choice of venue. Surely nothing – I repeat nothing – to do with them being thought beyond the pale even by the standards of the German religious cult that has taken over The Crossags (or possibly just because Firestarter still haven’t paid the utility bills run up at previous Christofascist damp squibs held there or in St. Johns).
And surely nothing – I repeat nothing – to do with Ardwhallan’s owner being a prominent member of the golf club whose secretary used to annually write to Ramsey Commissioners complaining about the noise from the festival.
Maybe these penny-pinching oddballs were just made for each other, or maybe, having fallen out of favour with every other Christian landowner, the honeymoon will end yet again when Firestarter get invoiced – and try to pass that invoice on to their parent churches, who try to pass it yet again to an inter-church youth committee which has eventually dealt with it in the past, but may no longer be able to do so, having been put further and further into the red by a decade of bills run up by childish, over-the-hill bible-bashers.

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