Monday, 30 May 2011

Who needs a Manx 'Sarah's Law'?

I was amused to read that there has been yet another call to introduce ‘Sarah’s Law’ here (see ).
Apparently there are parents who would like to know about any dubious character who “poses a potential danger to their children”.
What on earth are these herberts on about? Those details have been on public record for some time, courtesy of the Manx government.
Just go to and for names , addresses and pictures of the guilty.


ally said...

that only tells you about the 30 on the list doesn't it,the ones that are not on the list and re offending we are bothered about. also people coming from the mainland that are not checked as there coming in,plus the agency they have in place don't tell you about the 500 people that had to put in a complaint before something was done about an offender who was sitting at a kiddies park.

Stuart H. said...

Good Grief!
(bangs head on desk)

I know vigilantes have problems with big words like 'paediatrician', but how about little ones like 'joke'?

Yes, it is a four letter word, but it isn't a swear word or a bodily function.

No, you can't eat it.