Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Legislation, Bansturbation and Nudging

I put up links to interesting sites here, but must admit I often forget to check them for alarming or hilarious updates.
For example, Dick Puddlecote has an excellent piece at on ‘nudging’, and an astonishing excerpt from a UK government consultation paper advocating behaviour modification policies which are not, and will not be, open for public scrutiny or consultation.
By the way, love that term ‘bansturbator’ - and we have far too many self-righteous tossers of that ilk over here to let the term go unused. Damn Charles Wesley and all his pious progeny!
Then Dick has another startling piece on the nonsense which happens when paranoid emotional illiterates and politicians desperate for another few years on public benefits combine their idiocies.
See for a startling bit of US legislation which could brand cheeky teenagers as ‘sex offenders’ for life, just for one ‘inappropriate’ image on a kid’s mobile.
This is sheer cretinism.
Which is exactly why I’m worried some Fool on the Hill or the bible-bashing buffoons they spend so much time in broom cupboards with might pick up on it.
For more on that startling UK government consultation paper, also see Rob Lyons at .

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