Saturday, 2 July 2011

Things have only got better -again

This morning local creationists are gathering to hear some Oxford butthead posing as a scientist excuse their folly, and paying through the nose for this dubious privilege. At least in theory.
In fact they had problems selling any tickets, doubly inconvenienced by the necessity of having a show of force from local faith leaders and political deadbeats to make it look like an ‘important national event’, and the reluctance of such folk to get up for even a three course breakfast in a posh hotel unless it is (a) free and (b) they can still put in a claim for travelling expenses to some public body.
Still, at least this means that when the local press run a fact-free, unedited ‘report’ on the event next week we will have a handy list of (mostly unelected) politicians and government advisors who favour fairy tales over science. Not only that, but they do their worst to inflict such nonsense on the general public and also charge us for not just the nonsense but their ‘professional services’ in inflicting it.
Read, note the names, and remember when they spout off cluelessly about other topics (and get an easy ride from a local media built on the income from government advertising).
Here, by contrast (see ), is a great little achievement by a Manx rationalist, and for everyone else a chance to see one of our heroes, Professor Brian Cox, in action on the Isle of Man.
One of Matty’s other achievements is to be the first Manxman to talk to someone in outer space, which wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows him, as I have since he left school, and since we both marked time working at the Castletown Golflinks Hotel.
We’d both been blacklisted from useful local employment for crimes of free speech via the local press. In my case, amongst many other sins, for modestly suggesting the Isle of Man joined the late 20th century and decriminalised homosexuality. In Matty’s, for offering a short history lesson on the true significance of the bhollan bane ( a flower traditionally worn by Manx dignitaries on Tynwald Day) to the godbothering throwback then posing as Chief Constable who refused to put a ‘pagan’ emblem in his buttonhole.
By the way, and further to that topic, am I the only local person who finds it ironic that a notoriously homophobic cop was recently awarded the Queens Police Medal?
Tune in on Wednesday, and enjoy the rare sight of an intelligent adult being allowed to talk to young Manx people.

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