Sunday, 26 July 2009

I'm not eating that!

Anglicanism is one of the last bastions of relative religious sanity. But every time you think at least they won’t get sillier, they manage it anyway.
Yesterday Ruth Gledhill, religious correspondent at the Times, reported that worshippers at Blackburn Cathedral have a two-track Communion service. This is so that fussy gits who won’t touch holy crackers consecrated by a woman can ask for one from the a la carte menu. All this because the most recent of three residentiary canons is a lady vicar, one Dr Sue Penfold.
Gledhill reports:
“Even though she is legitimately ordained and employed, it means that when she is celebrating the eucharist those who dispute the validity of her orders can make sure they receive “untainted” sacrament consecrated earlier by a man.
The special container, known as the “reserved sacrament” after practice in the Roman Catholic Church, is then housed in the cathedral’s aumbry, or tabernacle, and brought out on Sunday mornings when Dr Penfold is celebrating. It is used for those who do not recognise her ministry but many other worshippers also receive these hosts, unaware that they are different.”
You can laugh at the whole farce at .
It seems that Blackburn, apparently notorious for misogynistic ministry, has gone so far over the top this time that even Backwards in Belligerence (or ‘Forward in Faith’ to people who take them seriously) disowned the practice.
Their spokesman (well, unlikely to let a woman get a word in edgeways, are they?) Stephen Parkinson said:
“I’ve never come across this before. It is pretty extraordinary. I can’t understand why the women priests put up with it.”
I can’t understand why anyone with more than two brain cells puts up with it.
(World weary sigh)

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