Thursday, 30 July 2009

Virgin Mary - read this and weep

Can I just say that even us non-religious folk can experience miracles?
We’ve all heard story after story about the face of Jesus appearing on a crisp, the Virgin Mary seems to dash about the world like a mad bat on speed, verses from the Koran appear on…..well, you know the kind of thing.
Anyways, this morning my wife was checking how the scars from my recent op were healing up, as some are in places I can only see with a mirror and way more contortion than is good for anyone.
When she looked at my belly button, which was used as an entry point for some surgical implement or other, she burst out laughing.
Having just checked by standing on a chair and looking in a mirror while stripped to the waist (heaven knows what the neighbours will say), I can confirm her findings.
I have a Smiley Face on my tummy.
Atheists even get better stigmata than religious folk.
How cool is that?

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