Saturday, 12 September 2009

Never a copper when you need one

Well, I'm back, and spookchasing parasites take note: my tolerance of you has now hit zero.
Today, as I hurried down Ramsey’s Parliament Street on domestic duties, a Moron missionary tried to block my path. Our conversation was brief and, for him, unproductive.
“Good morning sir, I have good news for you.”
“No thanks, I’m not interested.”
“But sir, I don’t think you know what I’m offering.”
“I do. Racism, sexism, homophobia, outright lies and an empty wallet. Did I miss anything? No, thought not. Now fuck off and get a job.”

By the way, this happened bang outside the police station, so here’s a word of advice for our new, community conscious police while I’m at it (as you claim to be so interested in public feedback).
Stop fannying about with fundie throwbacks in broom cupboards and get these beggars off the street. It’s what I pay you for, and after all, unlike you, I won’t be retiring in middle age on a fat pension.

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