Sunday, 27 September 2009

Of spooks and spookchasers

The Freedom to Fester PR hacks bigging up some of our bogus charities have been busy again, judging from .
This time it’s an update on attempts to innocently suggest our firefighters, and not evangelical nutters linked to US ‘megachurches’, have been ‘helping’ in Romania.
I’ve raised aspects of this phenomena before (see Chief Minister, international joke and Another day, another Christian attack on Africans for more on this particular case). Sadly, things have got worse.
While Manx ‘aid’ goes to Romanian nationalist politicians and a party descended from Second World War fascists, local Hungarian human rights outfits which offered some hope have died away, to be replaced by ‘help’ from Jobbrik, the new Hungarian fascist grouping. On TV while over there I saw a ‘protest’ of ethnic Hungarian-Romanians led by paramilitaries carrying arrow cross flags. Just what that part of the world needs –mirror image fascist groupings representing two ethnic traditions fighting it out in the streets while EU grants and international aid are getting creamed off to the US via evangelical charities and ‘universities’ which offer Mickey Mouse degrees.
But reading what I’d uncovered before on Oradea’s history, an interesting question arises.
You’ll note that close to Oradea a cold war concentration camp that ‘officially’ never existed has been taken over by the US military, who are officially not there either, and super-officially haven’t used it to torture Muslims extradited illegally from EU countries.
Now we know that the US military is infested with evangelical fundies, who regard modern wars as crusades against Islam. Logically then, the Baptist churches of Oradea (which, of course, do not owe their native members to a requirement that applicants for Samaritans Purse food parcels sign up to the local Baptist church, or that potential employees of US corporations join such churches rather than homegrown ones in order to demonstrate their moral values), must have a few US military personnel praying there in between waterboarding European Muslims who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
So, adherents to a strange religious cult which talks to a bloke who isn’t there, who are themselves not there (officially) in a church which ‘spontaneously’ began from a Christian denomination which was also never there until Western governments decided to ‘help rebuild’ a country with grant aid which 'only' (i.e. never) goes to redevelopment projects suggested by local people or run by local companies. Incidentally, wonder where the Muslims who aren't there either worship?
All in all, very confusing. Wouldn’t it be quicker for Tynwald to just send our charitable donation direct to to US megachurches.
That’s not to suggest that they end up there already, of course.

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