Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Ditch Dobson!

The Chicago based Museum of Broadcast Communications is about to induct into their Radio Hall of Fame an evangelical muppet who thinks Spongebob Squarepants promotes homosexuality.
James Dobson, best known as Chairman of Focus on the Family, also runs the biggest 'ex gay' ministry in the the US, supports intelligent design and even led the ousting of Rev. Richard Cizik, a fellow fundie, from the National Assocation of Evangelicals because Cizik had the temerity to suggest Christians should take global warming seriously.
Thankfully, the US gay community aren't about to let this fully fledged wingnut get his 'honour' without a fight.
'Dump Dobson!'is a joint campaign between the Gay Liberation Network and Truth Wins Out, which has exposed much of the twaddle behind Dobson's 'Love Won Out' scam. They're asking people to e-mail the Museum Director and sign up to a letter asking the Museum to think again. If that doesn't work they'll be amongst numerous Chicago groups who might make the awards dinner on November 8th just a tad unpalatable. Go to http://www.dumpdobson.com/ to find out more and get stuck in.

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