Thursday, 2 October 2008

Mock The Weak

The island’s ‘alternative medicine sector’ is in for a damn good mocking when Dara O’Briain gets here on November 6th.
As you'd expect with a place which attracts tax-dodgers, there's a growing industry in quasi-religious bottom-feeders flogging aromatherapeutic tat to the richest and thickest at a massive mark-up. (How much does a box of Woolies candles and a box of matches cost, fer feck's sake?)
The acerbic ‘Mock The Week’ host made his views on these shabby shamans pretty clear in a Manx Independent interview on October 2nd, and promised to devote a section of his Villa Marina show to cutting such charlatans down to size.
He told his interviewer: ‘I devote a section to railing against bad science and homeopathy and psychics and all that malarkey…..those topics get on my empirically minded tits.
I really hate it when people draw upon themselves the clothes of authority when they have never had the application to find out how things actually work.
They talk blithely about Eastern mysticism and the flow of chi through the body. Would it have killed them to find out where the kidney actually is before declaring that it is in your foot?’
On those grounds alone I'm only too happy to make Dara an Honorary Associate of the Manx Rational Response Squad – willing at a moment’s notice to stop wrong-headed purveyors of ‘Intelligent Design’ in their tracks and each capable of blowing out a roomful of Hopi ear candles with a single guffaw.
I'd love to go and watch these quacks get what's coming to them, unfortunately Dara’s show sold out almost as soon as it was first announced.
…..I could always try chanting for a ticket.....

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Andy Armitage said...

I can vouch for a bloody good evening's entertainment with O'Briain, and I've seen him only on telly. Mind you, it was a Live at the Apollo, so no blushes spared when it came to letting the language out in good measure. He certainly seems value for money.