Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Let Us Prey

I think Manx churches are feeling the credit crunch.
So, under the usual pretext of 'helping' us , they want to help the public organise their finances better. Then they can beg more cash .
Just take a look at http://www.iomtoday.co.im/west-news/Money-advice-from-church.4796505.jp and see what I mean.
But I will only shoot at the guilty here, because I know Cyril Rogers and he's a decent man. If all local clergy were like Cyril - speaking out against racism or homophobia for example - I could have a little respect for them, even if I'd still giggle at their daft superstitions.
But they're not, as you'll see from the inevitable attempt by Stepford Central (that's St. John's Mill to newer readers) to cash in on a crisis. These are the same bandwagon-jumping parasites I mentioned in earlier posts (e.g. Read, note.....then walk away fast ).
'How Can the Church Help with Debt' was their question, so I'll tell them the answer.
Piss off , stop interfering with our lives and stop begging for money.
Oh, and if you were serious about offering cash-strapped people some advice, wouldn't you give them a proper phone number, not a mobile? What are you clowns - cowboy builders?
I don't know about putting people in touch with the Office of Fair Trading. Stewardship Money looks like just the kind of scam that should be reported to them.

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