Friday, 12 December 2008

Save The Children from this

It seems Friends and Heroes , the TV series made here in Ramsey for tiny godbotherers, is scooping up awards at faith-biased filmfests. At least according to a big piece in an advertising supplement enclosed in this week's Courier.
They seem proud that they got a gold award from the Christian Broadcasting Council (selected by 'media industry professionals' too -wooh!). This would only sound impressive if you have never heard of the CBC, and so think they're a big deal.
Sadly not so. Any UK evangelical charity which only reports an annual income of under £10K is a joke. That's not even enough cash to get someone like TV vicar Steve Chalke out of bed in the morning, fer fek's sake!
Actually, there's more than a whiff of Hans Christian Andersen about their charity register entry, but that's nothing new. In fact 'forgetting' to register trustee interests, hiding income and stuff like that is the norm for godbotherers who beg for public funds and avoid tax, as I've demonstrated before on this blog.
When you also note that they're on something like their fourth reincarnation as a charity you know other things are wrong. The usual penalty for failing to make returns or other minor illegal stuff is a quiet strike off by the charities commission rather than prosecution and public embarrassment. Then there's poor legal advice - e.g. forgetting to put something basic in the charitable objectives, which cannot be amended as you do with a normal company. Then there's the even more usual problem with evangelicals: put three in a room and two will plot against the other for control, while all three will be taking instruction from their church superiors anyway.
To get a better picture of the mettle of the CBC committee, go to . After you've noted this sad collection of snakecharmers and holy rollers, along with the fly-by-night outfits they represent, try going to and looking at their partners in crime for more hilarity.
Oral Roberts University?Fek! How sad is that?
Then there's Christian Concern For Our Nation and everybody's favourite LCF lawyer Andrea Williams - a woman so robotic in TV interviews that with a well aimed TV remote you could probably make her head explode. Actually, I'd just settle for switching her off, as would most sick of seeing pointless court time taken up by homophobes who'd rather read a bible than do their public sector jobs.
We should laugh at these losers, a lot. But don't forget something else.
Friends and Heroes is now on both the UK and Manx RE curriculum. This bilge is being shown to small kids like yours and mine without even a health warning, and the company that makes it got breaks from the Isle of Man Film Commission, plus more public cash and a lot of behind the scenes government help to avoid planning objections and build their new studio.

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