Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Burn resources and stop honour killings

It's no secret that I am contemptuous of the increasingly evangelical tone of environmentalists.
This is fundamentalism by the back door. No problem with proper scientific evidence and debates, but nagging, finger-pointing, tokenistic crap like this Friday's big switch-off doesn't impress me.
I'd be far more impressed with an approach that recognises the ability of science and human ingenuity to get us out of this alleged mess instead of cheap Frankenstein comparisons and, in general, frankly anti-scientific, anti-human twaddle that rants, eyes glazed, about a future Dies Irae like Fred Phelps on crack.
So never mind self-righteously and pointlessly switching your lights off this Friday: do something useful instead.
Unreported World (Channel 4, 7.30 PM) will carry a vital report on Honour Killings in Turkey - reportedly 200 this year already and rising. It gets worse too. Seems the outside chance of getting prosecuted for murdering your own daughters and sisters has Turkish fundies so worried they're 'persuading' their kin to commit suicide instead.
You should watch this programme. You could even read up on it in advance by following the link in the sidebar here to the International Campaign Against Honour Killings website.
I don't care how many lightbulbs you then burn actually doing the right thing for another human being instead of wittering about recycling nappies either. Because I live in a human-centred world, and I'd rather burn out than be 120 in any world run by evangelical halfwits, whatever green label they hide their misogynism behind.

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