Monday, 16 March 2009

Divine Comedy

Amongst my e-mails this weekend was one from an old friend who moved to England in January.
Nothing remarkable about that, you might say, except that Denys is 91. At a time of life when most would settle for a quiet snooze he's not only started a fresh chapter of life in another country, but is on his PC scouring the 'net for new developments and expressing his views on the same.
He's also still producing blasphemous odes, and sent me his latest to share with the Freethinkers at next month's meeting.
I couldn't wait that long, so here it is.....

The Consoler

One puzzling aspect of divinity
Is what’s this third bit of the Trinity?
When should we expect to meet
This thing they call the Paraclete

In paintings, there it is above
The scene, depicted as a dove.
What sort of daft religion
Stoops to worshiping a pigeon?

This comforter - I’d like to meet;
I wonder what he likes to eat.
Do you think the Holy Ghost
Eats wafers – and then swigs the Host?

Denys Drower.

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