Thursday, 14 May 2009

Beware rabbits in waistcoats

After reading some of the PR twaddle produced by Manx government departments and drifting into the local press I have to declare a state of national emergency. This island is now being run solely for the benefit of whimsical geriatrics who collect pictures of rabbits in waistcoats.
Take this ( ) for example. Sentamu’s Apprentice has chuntered about fairies, the Tourist Department chunters about fairies, now some finance sector dropout wants to run a café where you can talk to them.
Or maybe the café is for the fairies too. Whatever! The owner is away with them anyway.
Then you have the godbothers getting Tourist Department help to try and get in touch with their Celtic roots (see
For the benefit of the non-Manx, the keills were the chapels built by the first Christian monks in remote hilly areas. For the best part of a thousand years they were happily abandoned except by a few sheep or the odd hippie having a sly toke.
I blame Clannad myself. Until they did that spacey Robin Hood theme music Celtic traditionalists were content with folkdancing and incest: now new age mystic malarkey is an international industry. With all that money for old…….knotwork(!) on offer no wonder the churches are in there with a collecting bucket.
Oh well, if a bunch of superstitious crinklies want to wander the hills at night in rain and fog getting inspired but soaked I suppose that is their business. Maybe there’s a niche tourist market for ‘extreme praying’. Let’s just hope our emergency services won’t be too tied up rescuing bonkers biblebashers when saner folk need an ambulance.

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