Thursday, 28 May 2009

No Wee Timorous Beasties here, thank you

I was going to post something high-minded and serious today.
Thankfully I first read Garry Otton’s take on the ridiculous Church of Scotland rumpus over an openly gay minister. That brought me back down to the gutter where I belong; looking up at the stars, sure enough, but also laughing like a drain.
There’s been comment about the Kirk’s dimwit stance here and there, but, sadly, mostly managing to sound almost as stern as John Knox himself with piles.
So what a relief to see someone blunt enough to point out:
“These men are supposed to marry women like Susan Boyle and produce babies. Using storks.”
Getting into his stride Gary snipes:
“In the topsy-turvy world of the militant religionist, jacking-off on X Tube is less forgiving than the sin of strutting round in a mixed fibre twin-set from Primark, shovelling oysters down your neck or having a foreskin.”
The piece, over on Scottish Media Monitor, is entitled My Thought For The Day – if only! Yes, if only you could hear this on Radio 4 instead of some tweedy cleric chuntering on I’d ….consider paying my licence on time.
I might even buy a radio to hear gems like:
“Churches are like newspapers. They desperately want to fill the pews with sweet, singing, skipping children from The Sound of Music without upsetting the (mostly sweet) old dears that totter in for some company, a cuppa, a cream slice and a good Service. Meanwhile, behind the closed doors of the Assembly and its wee pretendy court it carries on hurting people by its hopeless fudge and fumbling on issues of which it knows nothing.”
Read the whole thing at
Go on, you know you want to!

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