Thursday, 7 May 2009

Clunes meets our Loons

Looks like the island is gearing itself up for another A.A. Gill moment.
The non-Manx won’t know what an ‘A.A. Gill moment’ is, so try and
Yes, it’s painfully accurate, and no, we shouldn’t snigger, though I almost broke a rib laughing when the first one was published, and couldn’t believe it when he came back for a second shot. Absolutely nothing to do with local ramblers and their scabby dogs who caused sheep to bolt over a cliff on land owned by Gill’s mate Jeremy Clarkson either, I’m sure.
The latest ‘Gill moment’ is actually a ‘Clunes moment’. That’s Martin Clunes, once a badly behaved man, now the new Reggie Perrin.
Clunes is fronting a TV series about the smaller British isles which next features the Isle of Man, and in this week’s Radio Times he commented of the island: 'I just got a bit sick of everybody coming up to me saying, "It's great, you don't pay any tax and none of my money goes in Gordon Brown's pocket. And I thought, "Well none of mine does either, you t**t". It's just unattractive.'
Seems fair enough, as he’s not having a go at ordinary locals. Sounds to me like he bumped into some of the white flighters who were enticed over here by a cretinous new resident policy in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.
Can’t blame him for taking a dislike to such folk. Very few people here like them either, so it is a shame if Clunes throught they were typical Manxies.
Actually, when you see the decidely twee agenda the Tourist Department dreamt up to show off the island (see my only surprise is the poor man didn’t leave us in a straitjacket. Manx cats, fairies, tin baths, our Glorious Leader in his shop…..even Guantanamo would be a summer holiday by comparison with that lot!
The local paper picked up on the story (see and now we wait with baited breath to see if his on-air views match his press comments.
… or maybe the whole thing is just a cunning plan by the TV production company to get people watching when there’s more interesting fare on the other channels.

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