Saturday, 10 October 2009

International Day against the Death Penalty

I was just going to take another pop at some local nonsense today. Then I got an e-mail which put things into perspective, so I'm telling you about that instead.
Today, as I doubt any 'proper' newspaper will find time to tell us, is International Day against the Death Penalty.
International Campaign Against Executions, a group run by various refugees from Islamic 'justice' and their friends, today issued a statement. I print it verbatim, as, even with the imperfect English, it is a challenge to secularists everywhere to act.

'We must build a world free from crimes against humanity and executions.
'Killing people and taking away the right to live from human is one of the degradation phenomenons of human society. Men are born only once and may live once only! Life, which is origin of all creativity, talents, prosperity and happiness in the human being society. Taking human life with any reason, excuse or justification is virtually killing creative and talented force of human being and depriving the society from benefiting from these talents in improving living conditions. Aggression to human life is the most heinous behavior of the rulers of society to human rights. Crime against humanity and execution is one of the most savage human behaviors in history of human life, and laws that allow execution legitimately are criminal laws. Judicial systems that intentionally take human life are criminal systems and will produce crime in much broader dimensions.
'Execution is the most important tool of states to bring calmness to society and to stabilize state’s base, tools to intimidate people against the government. Government advocate of deceit execution say; execution is being used as a society security tool from crime and murder. They hide behind victim’s anger and pretend they are performing justice to victims. But the reality is, by taking guilty people’s life; society will not obtain security and comfort. And during history, amount of crimes committed by governments are thousand times more than murders committed by people.
'Today, especially in the age of technology and the peak of power and human’s ability in building a free and human world, human more than ever is in need to remove crime against humanity and execution from society and build a world without any crime against humanity and execution.
'International day against execution must become a day to protest against this wildest and barbaric human act, must become a day to value and cherish human life throughout the world. The day that people with clear voice shout over their rulers to let them know; they do not need the murder of human beings, will not tolerate the intention murders, and do not obey laws which has been built based on crime.
'International Day against execution is the day to protest against all countries that are the biggest and most professional murderer and have committed the most brutal crimes. A day to protest against judicial systems, in which there is neither justice nor respect to human dignity, systems that are the largest producers of crimes in society.
'International Day against execution is a day to protest against Islamic Republic as the capital and record holder of execution in the world. A government that executes any opponents, murders Juvenile, shockingly and tragically stones men and women. A government, which in threshold of international day against execution put about 8 Juvenile to death row by hanging and a woman to row of stoning.
'Let’s gather from every city and country around the world on October 10th, and raise our voice and defend the movement of life and human rights to the entire world. 'International committee against execution is calling upon all humanitarian and honorable people in the world to gather on October 10th, and on International Day against execution show the power of human rights defenders and right to live and audibly shout; world doesn’t need execution. Stop all executions.

There are links on the sidebar to various groups alerting us to this barbarity. Have a look, then maybe sign up to get alerts to e-mail campaigns and petitions which try to prevent more such atrocities.
For example, two Iranian men are due to be executed on 11th and 19th October respectively for acts committed when they were 17. Iran, as I'm getting tired of reminding people, several years ago signed an international convention against capital punishment for minors.
Along with the USA they continue to break the spirit of the convention by ensuring minors aren't tried or sentenced to death until they reach 18. They then carry out the executions quietly, when world attention is elsewhere, and in many cases without even informing the lawyers or relatives of those executed.
You can turn a blind eye, shrug your shoulders, or try and stop it. I can't take that choice for you.

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