Sunday, 11 October 2009

Rug-butting bastards do it again

Niusha Boghrati sent the message below to supporters of No More Executions at 11.55 AM today.

'Behnoud Shojaee was executed in the early morning of Sunday, Oct, 11th in Tehran's Evin prison, while tens of human rights defenders were protesting the verdict outside.
Behnoud Shojaee was sentenced to qesas (retribution) by Branch 74 of the Criminal Court in Tehran on 2 October 2006, after he was found guilty of killing a boy called Omid the previous year, when he was 17. Behnoud Shojaee had no legal representation at his trial. This was the sixth time his execution had been scheduled.
Executions of those under 18 at the time of their alleged offence is strictly prohibited under international law.
Iran is the only country in the world that has carried out such sentences within past year.
More than 70 minors are currently awaiting their execution. Safar Angooti, accused of a murder when he was 16 is scheduled to be hanged next week.'

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