Sunday, 4 October 2009

Once upon a time in the Western Isles

Guess what, our non-existent night life is an indirect cause of religious conflict up in the Western Isles.
On the other hand, one of the other consequences is that two of the most obnoxious fundamentalist fuckwits in the British Isles are at war with each other.
The war began when George Hargreaves, founder of the Christian Party and now (somewhat confusingly) running an outfit called the Scottish Christian Party from London, decided to run for office as the Western Isles MP. He’s using the dubious matter of Sunday ferry sailings as an excuse.
By doing so he’s upset the Western Isles resident religious bigot, Daily Mail journo John MacLeod, who presumably thinks only he has the right to profit from non-issues turned into religious controversy.
You can read and laugh at the whole sad story at
But why has Manx night life got anything to do with all this, you ask?
The thing is, Hargreaves moved over here some years back on the profits of So Macho. Unsurprisingly, a producer of gay disco anthems who was also black fitted in like…............ well, he didn’t!
At the time most people either left the island to find life after dusk or ended up listening to dipso white flighters whinge at the golf club bar every night. For Hargreaves it got so bad he fell in with local pentecostalists.
Give the man credit though, he saw a market, got some correspondence course qualification as a clergyman and has never looked back. Thinking about it, it’s almost funny – a black man with a dog collar is the worst nightmare for all those South African losers the Manx government enticed here when apartheid fell apart!
Hargreaves has failed miserably as a Scottish political candidate once, being trounced in a Glasgow constituency by Patrick Harvie (green, gay and an NSS member too – how embarrassing).
MacLeod has an even longer record of mean-minded Calvinist shite-peddling. If I’m not mistaken, he features a few times in Sexual Fascism, Gary Otton’s excellent account of Section 28 skullduggery up in Scotland, and fairly certainly in a few of Gary’s postings at Scottish Media Monitor (see sidebar).
Frankly, this pair deserve each other, but the rest of the world deserves neither. The more each is confined to slagging off the other, the less we have to worry about the pair of them.

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