Sunday, 26 October 2008

Forget 'probably', just stop honour killings

I haven't looked at the excellent International Campaign Against Honour Killings site recently, but a visit today confirmed that in some parts of the world faith-based cretinism has reached such a low that I almost value the toytown stupidity of Manx Baptists and Pentecostals.
Take, for example, the report of an 11 year old girl in Jaipur set on fire by relatives for wearing lipstick. You did not misread that and I will repeat it - I DID write '11 year old', 'set on fire' and 'for wearing lipstick'. The poor kid had 90% burns and is not expected to survive.
Then there's the report from the Asian Human Rights Commission on the guy who killed his second wife for allegedly having an affair. Even from a religious court you'd expect a fine, a slap on the wrist....something, right?
Well, no.
The AHRC report tells us....
'According to the information received, Mr. Sher Dil Jatoi, 62 years old, killed his second wife in an honour killing for allegedly having an illicit relationship with a person named Mr. Shahoo Jatoi. The honour killing occurred in August this year. Based on this case, Mr. Mir Hassan Jatoi, one of the chiefs of Jatoi tribe, a powerful tribe in the area held a 'Jirga', a court which has been declared as illegal and unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, at Lucky Ghulam Shah, Shikarpur district, Sindh province on October 20, 2008 in order to make a decision on the murder case.
Several elites of the Jatoi tribe who have remained in power in both the military and civilian governments took part in the Jirga. The decision said Sher Dil Jatoi was the victim of honour and innocent in killing his second wife. It further said, "as Shahoo Jatoi developed the illicit relationship with the wife of Sher Dil Jatoi, Sher Dil had the right to murder his wife. Shahoo Jatoi was ordered to compensate Sher Dil by handing over his three minor daughters". Since Shahoo has only one girl, a 10-year-old daughter, the Jirga decided that the brothers Mr. Miro Jatoi and Mr. Khanan Jatoi should give their daughters of ages between 13 and 11 years to Sher Dil. Besides, it also ordered Shahoo's family to deliver 20 buffaloes, costing more than 100,000 rupees (around USD 1,400) each, as a fine for having the relationship.'
......and it gets worse. Believe it or not, Sher Dil also killed his first wife in 2001 to protect his honour, and got off that time too!
The truly depressing thing is, the site logs cases like this almost daily, along with suggested protests to the authorities involved.
Much as I love all the current buzz about bendy buses and atheist adverts, even though there's no god I can't stop worrying and get on with my life. Because there is no 'probably' about it, this shit will NOT stop until we stop it.
Please, just go to and help that happen.

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