Monday, 6 October 2008

Macho, Macho Mann

There was an odd letter about science and religion from an English vicar called Jonathan Willans in the Isle of Man Examiner last week, you can read it here .
My good mate Jim Hawkins was bang on form and put him right, as you can see here
So I was ready to write him off as yet another clerical halfwit. Then I thought 'Why would an English vicar write to a Manx newspaper?'
So I looked further, and he's written to local papers way outside his parish before, here at , for example.
This was getting more intriguing - what cult was this prat from? Who funds him to write to UK regional papers, getting published apparently at random? Once I discovered a reference in an Edinburgh diocesan magazine linking him to something called Church Survey UK and looked that up things started to make sense.
On the surface he's just some vicar who surveyed 'grassroots Christians' for their views on where churches go wrong and why they're dying. But surely someone who did that would have to find, somewhere amongst all the nostalgic losers who just want England to be white, rural and innocent, Christians who stay away from church because they dislike homophobia or sexism. Wouldn't he?
Willans didn't. And if you go to to find out more about the survey you soon discover why.
It's that homophobic freakshow the Christian Party and their moronic mouthpiece the 'So Macho' Reverend George Hargreaves!
But I suspect that nice Reverend Jonathan Willans doesn't know the biggest joke - there IS a Manx connection with Hargreaves. He moved here on the proceeds of 'So Macho' and was so bored he ended up hanging out with the local pentecostals.
Yes - Hargreaves 'got God' on the Isle of Man. For which, yet again, on behalf of the entire population of the Isle of Man, I apologise profusely.

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