Saturday, 2 October 2010

At home with the deranged

There’s more evidence today that the Deluded Herd are working with equally clueless and morally challenged elements of Manx government. Their intent (at least as far as I can see) is to throw more public money away and destroy the last remnants of Manx community. Not only that, but they’re boasting about it to surrounding countries.
This is explained in some depth in a barefaced lie posted on behalf of the (badly misnamed) Department of Social Care entitled Island Hosts British Irish Council Meeting On Community Development at . Thanks to Manxnet’s policy of not allowing unattributed ‘news reports’ you can even go to and find who wrote it. More public money wasted on a Freedom to Fester spin merchant then. Why do these simpletons bother?
The excuse for this nonsense was a visit of the British Irish Council. I can only suggest that if the visitors believed any of this twaddle then they’re as unfit to be living off taxpayer money as their hosts. I’m tempted to say ‘bring on the public sector cuts’, but you just know that when they come more genuine public servants will be out of a job while these buffoons will not only be left chuntering to each other but given a payrise.
Amongst the horror stories we learn that:
“During its visit to the Island, the group met with representatives from the Red Cross, Crossroads Caring for Carers, Age Concern and the Manx Befriending Network to hear about opportunities for voluntary organisations to work together to provide support to older, disabled and ill people at home.”
If they’d have knocked on the door of any random household containing such a disadvantaged person they could have found out the real situation. There aren’t any, just a semi-retired civil servant who sits in on most of the above groups, where he swaps idle banter with gin-swigging socialites and other layabouts who’ve never had to work for a living, then slips them another government cheque or invites them to sit on yet another MONGO (that’s 'Methodist Orientated Non-Governmental Organisation' for those who aren’t in on the joke.)
And it gets worse, because the Festering Freeloader then goes on to inform us that:
“The group then met with Rev Cannon Nigel Godfrey, the Cathedral Business Advisory Group, Faith in Action and Scripture Union to hear about the significant contribution of faith organisations in mobilising volunteers, providing services and rejuvenating communities.”
(Falls off chair laughing, climbs back up, considers the afore-quoted as serious evidence of government policy, holds head in hands and groans)
It may be of interest to those who can no longer be bothered to track the incestuous antics of the faithful to know that Canon Godfrey, working under the close supervision of the Archdeacon, set up the CBAG – mostly as a means to ensure his faith factory, the Cathedral, is branded as a heritage site (even though it’s the Edwardian equivalent of a Barrett Home) and a public asset, rather than having some civil servant accidentally uncover the extensive government survey of island churches produced a few years back (co-funded and ‘guided’ by church and heritage interest) which, since it decided that the Cathedral (along with around 50% of island churches) is a white elephant and totally unfit for purpose, was promptly buried in Tynwald Library without even the required afterword by a former bishop which was a condition of church cooperation in the survey.
The Archdeacon also has a minion who is tasked to keep Faith in Action under surveillance for signs of any worrying liberalism, inter-faith influence or general signs that it might get public support and/or interest. And he effectively decides SU policy, projects and staffing because without Anglican underwriting and the Bishop’s legally compulsory dictatorship of the Education Department’s Religious Education Advisory Committee SU would be defunct. As it is, we’ll just have to rely on the good sense of most schoolkids, who quite rightly dismiss SU as a lunchtime club for lonely losers with learning difficulties.
In short then, business as usual amongst the island’s great and good.

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